The only strategy that always works to become a successful blogger, author and entrepreneur

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This post is not for everyone.

It is for a special species.

This species is a blogger, author and entrepreneur in one. I belong to this species – and we are multiplying. Not like rabbits, but at least.

Warning: If you only fulfill one of these three characteristics, then this contribution will still open up a lot to you.

So stay tuned.

Your book is ready.


But what now?

Your product has been launched.

What’s next?

Your course is online.

What now?

After a launch, authors, bloggers and entrepreneurs often notice that product creation was only half the battle – and that a much bigger battle is yet to come: marketing.

But how do I market my book? My product? My course?

How do I make my book as popular as Kim Kardashian’s most valuable?

There is only one strategy that works reliably. A strategy that is timeless and that all great authors (and entrepreneurs) use.

Here she is:

The best strategy to market your book is to write another book.

Sounds weird?

Don’t worry, I’ll explain it to you.

The fact is: there is almost no “overnight success”. We often think so, but in reality there are many invisible hours of hard work behind it.

Iceberg illusion

And if we look at the big names in world history, then these are not “one-hit wonders”, but people who have produced as reliably as clockwork.

As a blogger (and entrepreneur) you are a creator .

So the best strategy to get known is to create more .

Here are a few examples of this strategy:

Thomas Edison

Thomas A. Edison has filed 1,093 patents during his lifetime  . I think he would not have been so famous and successful if he had happily smoked a pipe in his rocking chair after a patent.

“A whole patent. Now I’m an inventor! “

A single invention does not make you the “inventor” yet.

A single book doesn’t make you an “author” either.

A single blog article doesn’t make you a “blogger” yet.

You only deserve these titles if you constantly create, create and produce. Because then that’s your being. Your nature.

Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday is a human typewriter . I don’t know a young writer who writes as productively and as well as Ryan.

His first book “Trust me, I am lying” was rather unsuccessful at the beginning. He has not yet been taken seriously as an author.

Then he wrote a second book.

And a third.

And it was only after his third book that the big publishers became aware of him. The newspapers started talking to him, bloggers started writing about his books.

“Trust me” became famous afterwards, so to speak. Thanks to the following books.


Mozart wrote his first compositions while still in primary school. A remarkable achievement for many of us.

But not for Mozart. He did not rest on his early compositions (which were also not outstanding), but wrote more.

He got better with every piano concert and eventually became immortal through his music.


By restlessly producing.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs changed the way we listen to music with the iPod.

Then did he stop? No.

He continually produced newer models, then built the iPhone based on the iPod touch and changed the world again.

The iPhone, in turn, helped make iMacs and iPods more famous.

The best marketing method from Apple was and is that they always “produce” something. Numerous blogs write about the secrets of what Apple is likely to build next.

Science knows what you don’t know

A study has shown that musicians buy old albums more often when they release a new album.

The new album is their best marketing tool for their old albums.

Why is that?

1. You are taken seriously

When I discover a new blog, I always do one thing that seems strange at first.

I look at the date of the last article.

If the article is older than 6 months, then I do not subscribe to the blog. Because he’s most likely dead.

Because the blogger gave up.

Do I then read his older posts or do I even buy his book?

Of course not.

I automatically stop taking a blog seriously when the blogger has stopped blogging.

Likewise, readers don’t take authors seriously who have only written one or two books. Publishers tick like this – they want authors who produce good books on the assembly line in the long term.

And customers don’t take a company seriously that has only developed a product that it never develops.

2. You get better

It is in the nature of things that your second book is better than your first. Your tenth book is better than your second.

When people read your tenth book, they are thrilled.

What do you do?

They assume that your older books are just as good and buy them.

3. You catch fire

The main reason why this strategy works is as follows:

You achieve penetration.

There is so much digital noise in our society that you can’t get away with a single book.

With a simple article, you cannot get through the noise that surrounds people.

You have to imagine your products like rays of light.

If you want to start a fire with a magnifying glass, you can keep a magnifying glass on the wood for 100 years – without enough rays of light it will never burn.

Each product is another beam of light that increases the power of your magnifying glass.

And one day it starts to burn.

Then the people come running, pointing their fingers at you and shouting: “An overnight success!”

People only see the flickering fire – not the work behind it.People only see the flickering fire – not the work behind it.CLICK TO TWEET

How this strategy worked for me

Now I have given you all kinds of famous examples and I still owe you the proof that it also works for “normal” people like you and me.

(Although I doubt that bloggers are normal. No normal person would spend years building something for which they are not paid …)

My very first product was an e-book called “Simply Write Better”. Then I developed the guest blogging course (which I no longer actively market), then the headline manual .

This was followed by the digital writing school named Schreibclan , which is now a comprehensive blogging university.

This was followed by the ” Hack Google course ” and since Sunday there is my new course ” Blogge rich “.

Why am I telling you this?

I earned more with each product than with the previous one.

And every new product has made it easier to sell my previous products and services.

I started with pennies. Today I have months in which I earn five digits. If I had stopped blogging after two years, I would have stayed with the Pennies.

I would probably have sent everyone to hell and frustratedly wrote a blog article with the following headline: “Blogging doesn’t work!”

How this strategy can work for you

You will already notice it:

For this strategy to work, you have to do one thing: produce.

# Reading tip : Here I show you how you can write faster and thus produce more.

Don’t start producing blindly and stupidly.

But with sense and reason. Produce, learn, improve.

How to produce good books and courses is again a topic in itself (which you can learn, for example, in the writing clan) and would go beyond the scope here.

It is important that you understand one thing: never stop producing.

One day you become so good that the world can no longer ignore you.

Write great, produce great,


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