Success is a piñata

Success is a piñata

“Jump! Jump! Jump! “

I was standing on the bank of a stream with a group of friends.

The only way to the other side?


Some were already on the other bank, while a boy from our group was still hesitating. His knees were shaky like the tail of a rattlesnake and he hesitated to take off.

But then came the crucial moment. 




Soaked and humiliated, he came out of the water, crawled to the other bank, and angrily took off his wet clothes.

The surprising thing was that his failure was not surprising.

Because you could tell from his approach that he would not reach the other bank: he was far too slow, hesitant and therefore jumped with half the force.

What do we learn from this?

If you have to jump over a river, jump with all your strength. Without hesitation. Without plan B.

Why bloggers fail

It’s the same with blogging.

So many people want to “try” blogging. You want to see if blogging works. You not only have a plan B, but also a plan C, D and E.

Many people have more replacement plans than the alphabet letters have.

The consequence?

You blog half-heartedly, invest little time and effort and come to the wise conclusion after 6 months: “Blogging doesn’t work!”

I always contradict:

“Was the river too wide? Or did you just jump too laxly? “

There are always people who ask me how to build a successful blog without much risk, without investing a lot of money and without spending a lot of time. Or build a business.

The answer?

Not at all.

If you don’t want to take any risks, find a job.

9-to-5 is the right thing for you.

Success is a piñata

Think of a piñata.

You have to hit it with full force so that it bursts and the delicious candies fall out. Sometimes you even have to hit several times until the pinata gives way.


But what do unsuccessful bloggers do? What do generally unsuccessful people do when they are disappointed and shout “It doesn’t work”? Be it blogging, making music or taking photos – I see the same problem everywhere.

They poke around the piñata a bit. They nudge them. Some cautiously feel their way with the little finger. Others only blow against it because they are even afraid to touch the piñata.

The result: The pinata does not burst. Not even after you’ve been popping around for 100 years.

Such “popels” are often recognized by the following sentences:

  • “Is it really safe?”
  • “Is there a guarantee?”
  • “That sounds risky!”
  • “Trying doesn’t hurt.”
  • “If things go wrong, then at least I can …”
  • “Where’s the easy button here?”

This is how people who are not ready to hit the Piñata with all their strength speak. They are people who are not ready to jump across the river at full speed. They are people who are unwilling to spend years on a blog.

And that’s exactly why they fail.

The great Batman lesson

Blogging is not something you try – blogging is something you live.

Paradoxically, it is precisely those who have a Plan B who also have to switch to a Plan B.

In the grandiose Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises” by Christopher Nolan, Batman has to escape from a cave prison.

The only way out?


The problem is that halfway you can no longer climb, you have to jump. Batman tied a rope around his waist and tried to jump over the abyss. But he failed.



Until one day he asked an old man how the only refugee had ever fled this prison.

The answer?

“He jumped without a rope.”

Batman didn’t jump with all his strength because he knew that the rope would intercept him. Only after Batman dared to jump without a rope did he make it to the other side. The fear of death gave him superhuman strength.

Only when he was ready to risk everything and go all out did he become successful.

How much are you willing to risk

Success as a blogger (and entrepreneurs and artists as a whole) depends heavily on your ability to take risks.

Are you willing to make a fool of yourself ?

Are you ready to make mistakes ?

Are you willing to be criticized ?

Are you brave enough  to write creatively?

Are you ready to go all out?

I exchanged my secure income, my “social security” for entrepreneurship. I exchanged “safe” law for unsafe blogging. I gave security at the till to get freedom and fulfillment.

What are you willing to give up

Are you ready to hit the piñata? With full power?

Or do you just want to poke around?

I am ready to beat up the piñata until my dreams come true.

Is it you too

Write great, be great,

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