Albert Einstein: The best 30 quotes and sayings

Albert Einstein: The best 30 quotes and sayings

Science, physics, technology and progress: Albert Einstein shaped the world. We have summarized his best quotes and sayings for you here. Who was Albert Einstein? Albert Einstein was born in UIm on March 14, 1879 and died in Princeton, New Jersey on April 18, 1955. Einstein shaped the world of science like no other at that time, he is considered one […]

Motivation: The best 30 sayings and quotes


In this post we have summarized 30 helpful motivational sayings and quotes. For more productivity, efficiency and energy also in YOUR everyday life. Motivation in everyday life In our everyday life we ​​always need one or two motivating food for thought . Be it in learning, at work, in sports or in leisure activities: Without the necessary motivation to do things […]

What does Numerus Clausus (NC) mean?

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What does numerus clausus mean? For which degree programs is this important and what are the admissions to study for? Here we clarify the most important questions about the NC! What does Numerus Clausus (NC) mean? The term numerus clausus comes from Latin. “Numerus” can be translated as “number” or “number”, “Clausus” means “closed”. Numerus Clausus can thus be roughly translated […]

Study part-time: This is how it works!

Study part-time: This is how it works!

In this article we explain how you can study part-time without stress and with few hurdles and what you need to consider. There are many reasons why you would like to study part-time . After all, a degree can help you to advance your career, get more salary and get a better job position . It is not for nothing that many working people […]

Distance learning with a child – All information and tips

Distance learning with a child - All information and tips

Studying with a child – is that even possible? As a parent, it is often not easy. In addition to everyday work and everyday stress, there is an additional increase in time through the offspring . Between leisure activities, everyday tasks and work, the child is of course always in focus. This brings with it many wonderful times and memories – no question […]

Robert Kiyosaki Quotes: The Best 30 Sayings

Robert Kiyosaki Quotes: The Best 30 Sayings

Who is Robert Kiyosaki? Robert T. Kiyosaki was born in Hilo, Hawaii on April 8, 1947 and is a businessman from the USA and a successful author. His books are often about self-help issues and finance. His most famous work is ” Rich Dad, Poor Dad ” in which he explains how wealth can be created and how children learn the right way […]

The only strategy that always works to become a successful blogger, author and entrepreneur

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This post is not for everyone. It is for a special species. This species is a blogger, author and entrepreneur in one. I belong to this species – and we are multiplying. Not like rabbits, but at least. Warning: If you only fulfill one of these three characteristics, then this contribution will still open up a lot […]

30 mistakes that expose you as an amateur


“Nobody who really knows anything about his subject would call himself an expert.” – Freely based on Henry Ford Amateurs behave like Zeus – they sit in the clouds and punish other people with lightning strikes from their anus. Masters are more like Hercules: they deserve their rank. You never have enough. They are hungry. Unfortunately, championship […]